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“Simply the finest piece of literature I have ever read. 

And I’m a rabbi…so I’ve read the Bible from cover to cover!”

- Rabbi Steve Foster…father


“If you don’t love this book you have something seriously wrong with your brain. And I’m a psychiatrist, so I know brains!”

- Dr. Steven Sarche’…Danny’s lifelong friend


 “I couldn’t put this book down, but then again I couldn’t pick this book up, or read it…because I am a Springer Spaniel. But I sure do love that Danny Foster.”

- Elvis…Danny’s dog


“Danny Foster’s first novel delighted and thrilled me. It was so, so good. I promise you that you will find this book to be the best you’ve ever read.”

- Senator Joyce Foster…Danny’s mom


            “Eh…it was OK…not great… average at best.”

- David Foster…brother


“This book makes me like Danny a lot more than when I was growing up. He really picked on me a lot. But at least he knows how to write stories…I guess.”

- Debbie Foster…sister


“Excellent first novel.  But this will not get him out of taking out the trash and doing yard work.”

- Becky Foster…wife


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